Who Are You?

We work every day to satisfy your needs.


I want to recommend the best available technologies in terms of reliability, modularity and customization. “

Marconi can fulfill all your most demanding technological requirements; combining the ability to customize our entire line, services, designs and materials. Because we adopted an advanced solid and reliable technology based on IP standards, they are open, modular, scalable and extremely secure Swiss standards, the most stringent in the world. Marconi holds several international patents and awards including the prestigious Cisco’s Innovation Award, so you can be sure that your choice is the best available on the market. 


I want my creations to amaze people. Even technology has to be perfectly integrated into the environment I have designed to create excitement.”

We can offer you something unexpected, something original; Marconi is able to deliver you a perfect blend of technology and design to your next project. Today you can perfectly integrate a powerful interactive multimedia system with the personality and design you expect. We are able to provide custom integrated solutions to the most demanding architectural requirements, with a vast choice of materials and colors you want, paired with an elegant Italian design. Everything has to communicate excitement, even the technology. When multimedia interaction also needs to be exciting, Marconi will always work enthusiastically on your project, making it exceeds every client’s expectation.


Seat and Table Manufactorer

I want product to stand out from the rest, to increase its perceived value and generate sales opportunities.”

We think alike! Let’s work together developing a unique solution that will expand your catalog, making it valued and appreciated by the market. Every single one of your products can be made to stand out from the competition; your product can be perfectly integrated with our technology, maximizing your investment, your sales and your promotion in the market. Our original and carefully integrated solutions are the result of 15 years of experience and partnership with the world’s most prestigious chair manufacturers; what we create is among the best in the world.

End User

I want useful, reliable and easy-to-use technologies suitable for my image.”

At Marconi, we are constantly creating solutions to combine technology and design into an elegant multimedia system solution. Mode solutions are open, modular, scalable and meet the extreme security Swiss standards. Customize your system with several options of colors, materials, microphones, display sizes and characteristics. The system software is beautiful and user-friendly, making it the perfect choice to the general public. We can provide you to experience a different kind of technological approach specifically tailored to your preferences and expectations.

Group of business

AV-IP System Integrator

I want to differentiate and boost my offer with original, competitive products and develop my professionalism.”
As an experienced AV system integrator, you face the constant problem: The audio-video market is saturated with many very similar technological solutions based merely on price, no differentiation, personalization or value added. At Marconi, our natural inclination to create original, customized systems to help you expand your service solutions to your clients. Together, we can develop technological solutions to bring your customers’ wishes to life, creating a special, unique project; a valuable solution that they can actually see, touch and appreciate. Our technologies are patented internationally; they have won Cisco’s prestigious Innovation award and are completely and rigorously based on IP standard.


We welcome partners who stand out for their capacity to combine their own abilities.”

Marconi welcomes partners who stand out for their capacity to combine their own abilities with our Swiss reliable precision and Italian design passion. We are aware that proposing solutions of value in the technology market requires major efforts in terms of price competition; our solutions are here to help you to protect your investment and your presence in the marketplace. Our Partners can count on direct support from our engineers and developers, support team and production plant without intermediaries; creating a fast response to your requests and a competitive pricing.