Sport Market

Marconi has been in the digital display market for over 20 years providing innovative systems to large scale venues, theatres, arenas and many other public buildings.

The MODE framework can be deployed also to build interactive and informative systems for stadiums. In fact its ability to handle multimedia contents inside of a standard IP based infrastructure makes it the perfect choice for sky boxes, in-seat displays, rails systems but at the same time also for your digital signage solution, easy to install in large numbers and in total control of the facility.



Marconi’s patented technology offers interactive multimedia capabilities with features never experienced before! Communication, entertainment and information management: the user, comfortably seated, can access different video channels and choose the preferred one, review the replays of the most exciting actions, vote for the best player, participate in surveys and view statistics, buy gadgets and order food and drinks directly from the display installed right in-front. All these features are completely customizable, based on the needs of the sports facility.


Despite the multiple functions offered by technology, its usage is simple and intuitive. The modularity of the system and the extreme flexibility and customization of the devices make it possible to outline the best solution for each user. With MODE23 the public is fully involved in the event and, through the personal touch screen device and can access information on:

– The match (live streaming channels, results, teams, coaches, rankings…)
– The stadium (map, services, waiter call, reservations, nearest refreshment points, emergency exits…)
– The sponsors (advertising, merchandising, events…)

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For a sport facility, like a stadium or sport arena, MODE technology is much more than an information and entertainment system: it is a powerful marketing tool able to increase business opportunities. Bars and restaurants can increase sales as each viewer is able to order food or drinks directly and at any time from their seat.
The stadium can also promote merchandising items from the dedicated channel and an operator can immediately send what has been ordered. Additional profits can be generated by advertising and sponsorships, visible on each screen, in dedicated spaces, dynamically controlled by the facility management.


Mode23 has a smart touch screen with interactive and multimedia features that allows you to offer the user useful and engaging services.
The user might opt to watch videos, texts, information, statistics or request assistance, simply by touching their screen.
The video area will show the chosen content and the related information and personalized messages will appear on the high-resolution screen of MODE23 devices.

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In outdoor environments, as in the case of stadiums and sports facilities, each component is exposed to adverse weather conditions: high or very low temperatures, strong exposure to sunlight or wind, rain and snow. The MODE23 technology is able to withstand even the most unfavorable weather conditions. MODE23 is certified to operate at temperatures ranging from –15 to + 50 ° C. A solid and robust coating ensures that the screen is safe from impacts.


The MODE23 technology has been designed to be installed in the back of the armchair, on rails, or in special retrofit positions to overcome any obstacle that prevent a user to have a screen in front.

To this end, Marconi has created compact professional devices, with no moving or noisy parts that would affect its installation. The low consumption ensures the safety of the system and prevents overheating for the benefit of reliability, comfort and safety. Marconi also offers an extremely personalized service: from dimensions to colors, from installation to design.