Vienna, Austria
Vienna, Austria
Vienna, Austria
Vienna, Austria


One of the most famous theatres in the world, known for hosting the most prestigious performances now upgraded its electronic libretto solution with a Marconi electronic libretto appositely made an customized for fitting the theatre hall.

7 different mechanical enclosures, 2025 units operating In real-time while the performance is on-going, possibility to switch between Libretto and Infotainment, 6 languages handled, Libretto interfaced with web streaming platform for Live Opera streaming. This is one of the maximum expression of Marconi’s customization ability.

Products used in this project:

  • Fully customized MODE 27 multimedia interactive solution fitted on Balconies, Wall Mounts, Galleries, Platea, Rails and other special positions

Software features:

  • Onstage libretto and surtitle management
  • Special content
  • Detailed realtime network diagnostic