Writing Tablet Interactive Display – MODE23-WT


  • Exclusive anti-panic tablet display
  • Multimedia interactive 10″ display onboard
  • available for meeting and conference room, any seat brand
  • Available for custom design


MODE23-WT is a unique solution made only by Marconi allowing the integration of large-scale collaboration systems, infotainment or other custom services in multipurpose environments. It includes retractable anti-panic and anti-shock mechanisms in case the tablet is suddenly shut and the screen is sealed to avoid possible damages caused by liquids. The user access the applications with a 10” high resolution touch screen to slide documents, share videos or presentation, browse the web or access other services, everything is extremely modular. The network infrastructure is totally IP based, since it is built on the MODE framework, and it is compatible with many different topologies: star, daisy chain, mixed or ring with full system redundancy to avoid any failure while an event is on-going.

MODE23 allows the interoperability of displays of different sizes in the same system. This allows the possibility i.e. to install in the meeting rooms MODE23-DT, in the auditorium MODE23-WT and complete the system with a Signage solution using MODE23-CO driving large interactive displays.