Seatback Screen ( MODE23)


  • unique individual interactive seatback unit
  • 7″,10″ or custom sizes
  • up to 4000 units in the same hall
  • modular installation
  • any brand of seat
  • any custom design


MODE23-SB is an original solution specifically made for seat-back installation in large scale venues, auditoriums, multipurpose halls. It provides the user with a big high-resolution any size display allowing a great usability and experience when the person seated in the auditorium wants to access all the conference, congress, training or meeting functionalities. Functionalities that can space from collaboration to voting to infotainment services, all together in one IP based modular system. Based on MODE Framework this product allows an easy installation, compatible with PoE or with external power supplies and different network topologies: star, daisy chain, mixed or ring with full system redundancy to avoid any failure while an event is on-going.

MODE23 allows the interoperability of displays of different sizes in the same system. This allows the possibility i.e. to install in the meeting rooms MODE23-DT, in the auditorium MODE23-SB and complete the system with a Signage solution using MODE23-CO driving large interactive displays.