Lift Motorized Screen | Foldable Display


  • Full milled aluminum housing with an amazing thin design
  • High quality anodized finishing, luxury black rear glass
  • Completely customizable housing and plate
  • Antiglare front glass
  • Single soft-touch elegant backlighted lift button
  • Single oversized lift and tilt motor
  • Automatic 20° tilting angle
  • 3+2 years warranty


Marconi motorized LS retractable product series that provides silent, reliable, and dual movements using a single reliable oversized motor.

The cover plate can be customized with different connectors, microphones as well as other features.

The Display is provided with a remote I/O feature for setup, control, and diagnosis


Display sizes:                    15”,17”22” (other sizes please ask)

Touchscreen (optional):  with or without antiglare

Colors:                               aluminum, black, gold, customized

Finish:                                sandblasted, brushed

Connectors on plate: (optional): any

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