Lift Microphone LM560


  • Microphone lift device
  • Gives a clean design to your conference room, when unused
  • Available in any color brushed or sandblasted finishing
  • Suitable for any kind of gooseneck microphone up to 56 cm ( different sizes available)
  • Headphone connector included
  • Optional “Push to Talk” button available
  • Single touchless button for UP/DOWN command
  • SW string command to remote control


LM560 is an elegant retractable system for gooseneck microphones up to 56 cm.  This Marconi product allows the meeting and conference spaces more flexible and versatile hiding the microphone presence in a safe and protected way.

The cover plate can be customized with different connectors, microphones as well as other features.


Colors: aluminum, black, gold, customized

Finish:  sandblasted, brushed

Length: standard microphone up to 560mm, or optional

Connectors, buttons, indication on the plate: (optional): any, standard XLR