Infotainment Module



✔ Powerful Infotainment services

✔ Under the full control of the theatre

✔ Totally customizable in terms of appearance

✔ Advertise, reserve, be informed, subscribe, ask, give feedback and a         lot more

✔ Inter-connect the module with third party networks

✔ System settings configuration


Marconi has years of experience in providing electronic & interactive sub-titling solutions for live performing arts and now is extending the capabilities of its devices with a new masterpiece.

This extremely powerful module is available on each Marconi multimedia & interactive device present in the hall of the Theatre allowing every patron to access a brand new world of information and services that were not available up to date in Opera Houses or Theatres.

The infotainment module includes multiple services accessible via the high-resolution touch screen display of Marconi’s multimedia systems. The layout, overall appearance, touch-key buttons are entirely customizable to meet the specific aesthetic needs of every Theatre,

The theatre’s personnel easily creates and manages the contents using the practical and simple platform installed on the Marconi Infotainment Server. All the control over the content visualized on the screens is in the hand of the Theatre.


  • Dynamic seats and sponsor advertisement

  • Seat Personalization (personal welcome messages or other personalized text)

  • Event information displaying contents and pictures

  • Cast information of the on-going performance

  • Special offers advertisement

  • Upcoming events information

  • Screensaver option

  • Multilanguage support

  • Content creation and editing to customize what is visualized on the displays

  • Full control and administration over the content visualized



  • Screensaver and Language selection
  • Support for all languages
  • Welcome message customizable
  • Logo customizable
  • Event’s information
  • Seasonal program
  • Ticket ordering
  • Pages scrollable
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Keep your patrons involved
  • Update with news
  • Increase the patron’s retention
  • Advertise any brand
  • Increase the number of sponsors
  • Increase the revenues
  • Enhance the partnerships
  • Cast details
  • Let your patrons know who is performing
  • Empower the show
  • Increase the knowledge of the patrons
  • Homepage modular and customizable
  • Add personalized welcome messages
  • Attract younger audience
  • Keep the control of what is visualized
  • Information on the specific event
  • Detailed description of the show
  • Intensify the prestige of the performance
  • Inform the audience