Connector box series CB1


  • Stylish milled anodized aluminum amazing design
  • Equip it with any plug: XLR – RJ45 – HDMI – USB and others
  • Suitable for any table of a minimum thickness of 15mm
  • Unobtrusive, compact, easy to install
  • Customize it in different finishes
  • Elegant cover, clean impact
  • For: conference, boardrooms, lecterns, pulpits, collaboration tables


The CB1 is an elegant and compact solution part of the connector box series “CB” from Marconi. The concept is maximum versatility under the functional and aesthetical point of view.
The design is unobtrusive and ultra-compact allowing an easy installation on any type of furniture; the finish can be personalized according to the needs and requirements of interior designers or architects along with the functional aspect: the Connector Plug can be equipped with different types of connectors, XLR for microphones, HDMI for displays, RJ45 for network connections and so on.


Colors:  aluminum, silver, gold

Finiture: brushed

Connector: any

Custom design and connectors inside: yes